Sunday, November 30, 2008

yesterday was a pretty sweet day..
though long and tiring.

morning came by really quickly..
i met fysh and we went to play badminton at cckcc.
caught up over smashing a lil feathered ball across at each other over the net.
andi managed to smash so hard my string snapped.
so therefore i r 1337.

afterwards headed down for dance prac.
the choreography tad i did was well recieved.
so wo0t for that.
hopefully they can learn the steps quickly and watchnite svc performance will be a blast.

after tad was school where i basically vegetated for a good 2 hours cuz i didnt have my notes cuz i just paid my school fees and the material collections place was closed.
i then went home.

dumped my sweatay clothes from dance and badminton..
changed and headed down to meet the guys.

and the photos shall tell the rest of the storiez.

we met in town to just chill out.
den cuz i hadta head to the airport to send my mummy,sister and lil bro off,
we decided to wait for dud to finally reach town and be done with his stuff,
before we hopped into the "armored van" and drove down.

and as usual,
6 guys in a van with good music on and too much time on their hands,
resulted in this being created courtesy of wickmasuriya's markeys and highliters.

and they then decided to plaster if on the inside of my car's windows and scream as loud as they could to attract attention.
so we were at a turning junction next to a bus.o.0
and then.
they managed to attract attention i guess.

airport beckoned!!

and when guys go to the airport...
the only viable food option is.........

imma popeye da sailor mang!!!
spinach in a can!!!

after eating,
we headed to send my mummy n jie off..
also in the picture is my Godma/Tua Ei(biggest auntie)
this is the happy shot!!!

and den the sad shot=((((

notice that the only pple smiling are the leavers.
sg ftl plz.

and not content to be left outta the action,
the mariz streetz boyz joined in.

happy shot!

den the sad shot!!=(((
giant is like "ALAMAK WHY WAI WAI WAI WAI!!!!!!!"

and then the inevitable "bully ben" moment.

and since transportation wasnt an issue, and dudley was willing to take a break from study.
i decided to head to a place ive always wanted to bring g at night. tad we've broken up all these saved up locations to bring her to have a good time suddenly seem less romantic.
but still magical.

this be my fav shot.
everyone's at the side,
and its like they're walking into the future kinda.

the emo shotz seriez.

henceforth i kill kenneth yeo...
and present : Kenny Y.
Instrument : Extendable Flute.

we kill wickermasuriya joshua kane tan shu ya
and present : Wanker T.
Instrument : Black String Beans.

kill ivan loh ming hui..
and present : I Chui.
instrument : Rong Regs.

Aaron Tan no moarrrr
and now Mr T. A. Sye
Instrument : Browing Hairz

no more Dudley Kow,
presenting : Mooooooo..Wah Kow!
instrument : cow tail.

no more Benjamin Ng,
presenting : BeNnG
instrument : armored van

some sights from the barrage at night.
apologize for the lousy quality of shots.
and the skill of the photographer also not to good.
wanted to bring her here to be lomantic as well as let her use her dslr.
oh wellz.
if she had the photos would definitely be 100 x better.

i swear the last pavillion on this bridge will be an ideal make-out spot.

okie back to pple.

giant's sainted dick.

josh's blackhole like quality

who needs backstreet boyz when mariz streets boyz rule!

3 quick groupie shots.

and more evidence why mariz cant be good thieves.

operation : Steal Mr Droplet
Status : Failed. Caught in action.

night was rounded off in the wee hours of the morning finishing the beer keg at dudders.
to the boyz of mariz streetz.

always remember!!!
everyone has a lil bit of sexy in them.
on a seperate note...
the song of the day is slightly emo.
its a song played last night over whisky and beer.
and it hit me particularly.
cuz she once told me tad i did too much and lost sight of the main picture.
i cant say whether im wrong or right i guess.
but this song does say why i did it all for i guess.
bryan adam's everything i do...
i did it for you..

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