Thursday, November 27, 2008


its more or less been 1 year.
and today would've been our 13 month.
alas things havent worked out.
and i've spent the best part of the last month beating myself up over it.
and as aunty mingli put it, sometimes you don't really have a choice.

this is the song of the day i guess.
im sorry tad you guys have to click it, but imeem doesnt have the track and i cant figure how to get the full song to stream so yup.


it really is a fitting song.
and takes me back to the past 1 month and sums it up really nicely.

the song is robin thicke's cry no more.

sets the tone for my day and my present direction i guess.

my fav song from his album.=)
yet another non-single gem.



extracted lyrics from the song tad ring for me..

I took the picture
I faced the truth
I lived a lifetime,
a lifetime with you
Now I watch you fall asleep smiling
And I lie awake

And I am a hero
I'm not made of steel
And I'm not the smartest man
But I know the deal
And I'll bleed for your lips
If you'll bleed for mine
And I can't escape it
Cause I do love you

Ooo so I don't cry,
I don't cry no more
Girl I know you want this
So I don't try, I don't try no more
Girl I know you want this
So I don't lie, I don't lie no more
Girl I know you want this
So I don't cry no more

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