Saturday, December 22, 2007

kekeke.old frens and cartoon stories.

went out for lunch with swong,dee(this 2 muz put toget.:P KEKEKEKEKE), druggie,jam and perng today.

line of the day.

we were talkin about giving tuition,
den jamie was askin whether got such thing as art tuition.
den monster students

"eh dun laugh okie.there was this mexican/brazilian(cant remember) 5 years old only leh.den my fren ask him to draw a ball. he look at her and say "i dunno how to draw a ball, but i know i got 2"


when i heard it,i chua tio for a
den i fell over myself laughin.
kids nowadays.

now for tuition joke of the day

my kid doin oral practice.

him="DEEEE-PUT--TEEE prim minister."
him"dee put tee prime minister "
i stun.
" got watch cartoon one not?sheriff and deputy?"
/looks at me blankly.
"eh...old western show got not"
/look at me blankly x 2

when you try to find common ground to explain and you cant find it
you find yourself doin this.

/smack forehead with flat of your palm and say "Wth deprived childhood"

and he chuckles and say "hurrhurr hurr"

den you juz =_=''

welcome to a day in the life of ben.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

its amazing sometimes how family juz strips away everythin you hold dear and count individualistic juz so they can see you conform to the fuckin world and fade into nothingness.
does it matter so much?
sumtimes i feel like my own dam home is a prison.