Thursday, September 29, 2005

its been really long sinced i last blogged.
im here,
im still alive,
wad else.
pineapples suck on pizza.
im still allergic to kfc.
prelims results suck.
didnt even achieve sum of my goals.
but i was qim fer ridiculous ones niwaez.
ou dun go from an F to an A in 3 weeks.

gotta go off soon.

juz use to com to transfer sean paul n bon jovi's album.
now i shall go.

Friday, September 23, 2005


exams are over,
sorry to all my classmates fer not makin the outin today..
parents would've kick a fuss.
wad else.
yest was a crappy day.
seems like everyone hadta take a whack at mi.
probably it was "shat on ben day" yest.
cant remember wen was the last time i got scolded so many times in one day.
clubbin was pretty sad,
but it prob was the best club ambience tad i experienced alr.
compared to the clark quay one,to china,
tis prob was the best place to club.
not too crowded,
the shots are decently priced.
was really a much better place to dance.
the floor was pretty spacious,
but i guess it was cuz its a thurs.
so in all.
managed to dance and get pretty relaxed.
wen i got enough space to move imma happy man la.
due to family complications,
it was a very short time clubbin.
only properly clubbed fer a really short time.
go figure.
im quite angsty about it.
but oh wellz.
wad to do pls.
at least i could dance fer a while n chill i gues.
we went to momo 1st.
den it was a ridiculous queue,
so we went over to double o.
and man.
things were alot better there.
tho i didnt get to se how momo's like.
i haf this strange affliction towards double o cuz of the ambience.
sumthin relaxin about it tad puts mi at ease.
made a couple of auz dudes as well.
ended up talkin quite long wit em cuz the dance floor was closed fer a while due to sum performance.
i tellyou.
i like foreigners more den local clubbers.
they're somuch more frenly.
tad's wad it should be like.
pple juz comin toget to chill n dance n have a good time.
not get drunk,
smoke n get stupidly high.
oh wellz.
i've made my stand on clubbin pretty clear a coupla posts ago.
so i shall not do it again.

and i wanted to bring up tis issue.
its another hard question.
wad makes a bikini less stumbling..
i heard the opinion of my pastors tad she tinks tad bikinis are stumblin n tad gals from church shouldnt wear em while out wit church guys.
wad i cant get is tad if the're gonna wear it on other occasions,
its not any less stumblin to the guys on the beach,
so mite as well benefit the church dudes and let us see rite.
after all.
at least its your frens tad ogle at you.
dunno pls.
one of the stupid things tad you remember during your prelim period.
its like suddenly ive been havin stupid flashbacks of this kinda stupid shat.
thus my 3 questions way below,
my perceptions n all.
who cares.
imma go take a shat.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


its over!
prelims are over.
its time to party.
i am so psyched.:)
added to the fact tad i got my own wow acc courtesy of matt n fysh.:)
ten day pass wit a level 20 cap.:)
imma hit tad cap.:)
i really tink tad game is da bomb pls.
the prelims are over.
imma due a break.
imma go tan tml.
and if all goes well.
wen te nite comes.
fat boy here's headin to club.:)
i need to really relax.
imma be tryin to put music on my blog.:)
and its amusing how no one said anithin bout my 3 questions.
no one wanna face up with hard truths i say.
advice to all.

imma go tan tml.
11-130 bakin session.
den i wunt be so dam white anymore.:)

to all ipod lovers who hate itunes.
and hate downldin stupid programs,

access you ipod in ie.
go to music under the hidden ipodcontrol folder,
see all the hidden folders.
den you'll get dam angst tryin to find tad specific song juz like mi.
cuz findin one song outta nearly 3 k is ridiculous.
GO TO SEARCH in your windows explorer,
include all hidden files,
den let her rip!
you're instantly the owner of a normal ipod insteada a selfish and normal one.
hate itunes.
lookin fer one file to send.
from folder 00-49.
guess where it was?
folder 48.


Friday, September 16, 2005

blasted heat.

i've got a tune fer the song.
mite be a lil pirated but waddaheck.:)
i tink it sounds really good.:)

one of my best so far if i may say so myself.:)
i wanna WOW.:)
i was checkin out the com ads.
and dell's got this really nice one tad's goin fer like 1.4 k online.
cant wait fer the A's to be over,
get a job,
get a com,
get my license,
get a level 60 n go get fit wit SRC n church soccer.:)

tad is the life as far as i can see.
plus next week if all goes well i can get to go momo wit josh.:)
was in the library this mornin study.
den on my break i read this.

plus i was tinkin about it durin test hours..

wad IS true love?

is it:
acceptance that the person does not have feelins fer you?
stickin on n hope of winnin her over?

is it:
stickin through thick n thin?
knowin wen to call it quits?

is it:
puttin the other's emotions first n lettin go?
persistin till the end?

it all seems so simple at the start.
clear vision.
"i will love tis person"
but yet wen the problems arise,
its relly time to be able to answer these questions.
dunno pls.
it aint any of my problems.
juz wonderin.
wad do YOU pple tink.
tag your response or comment.

the papers have been interestin to say the least.
math was really amusing.
paper one encouraged mi like mad,
paper 2 discouraged me like mad.

chem-so far its only been paper 3.
im pretty encouraged so far.
if i dun screw up too badly,
im pretty sure i can pull off a pretty good result.

phy-mcq was madness,
paper 2 was madness 2.
my physics'smad alr.
needta mug smart fer it soon man.

the golden goose man
my supposed golden subject mite be screwed.
here's wad happened.

accordin to my G.P tutor,
to write a cohesive g.p essay,
i hadta come up wit an essay plan.
so tad's wad i did.
and den i wrote a WHOLE essay.
n reread it.
didnt flow nicely.
so i crumpled it up,
den wrote a new one.
time elasped at this point was bout 40 mins.
wrote to the 3rd para,
read it,
tot i really looked lke shat,
crumpled it up.
den i gave up,
wrote on a WHOLE new topic.
and finished it with about 2 mins to spare.
quite ridiculous.
im not expectin anythin spectacular from tad paper man.:@
and like my paper 2,
for once i tink i can get more den like 2 marks fer summary.
wad an irony.
fer one i do well fer tad section,
den now im screwin up my paper one.

im titlin the song :waitin.
gonna record the song usin sum creative mp3 player n if it turns out well,
find a place to host it n link it to my blog so i can share it wit the world.

here are the more refined lyrics tad fit in with the beat.


19 yrs have come to pass,
on this road tad is my last.
my heart it yearns fer you alone,
fer all my wrongs can i atone....

i've been waitin fer so long now,
i've been waitin to hear i do from you,
been waitin to hold you in my arms,
been waitin.........
im still waitin..

everynite before i close my eyes,
wish tad you were by my side,
n wen i wake up to the dawn,
your eyes will be my light...

i've beeen waitin fer so long now,
i've been waitin to hear i do from you,
been waitin to hold you in my arms,
been waitin..........

gal why cant you see,
tad you belong here with me,
in my arms,i'll keep you warm,
its here where you belong,
how long do you wanna,
wanna drag things out..
fer while you were thinkin...

i've been waitin fer so long now,
i've been waitin fer so long,
juz to hold in my arms gal,
juz to hear you say you do,
i've been waitin,waitin fer so long now..
i've been waitin,waitin fer you,
i've been waitin,waitin fer you gal,
i've been waitin fer so long..

and im still waitin...

that's it.
here's sumthin fer all cheap thrillers.

fysh'll love this one.:)


Wednesday, September 14, 2005

things do pple.

was talkin to an old fren recently.
and its really funny how time changes a person so uch.
esp those you've been away from for so long.
all your percieved connotations about this pple you tot you knew like the back of your hand suddenly change.
and suddenly the person's like so different.
look at the old maris crowd.
my nigga bro be quite a frequent clubber now.
n tad's sumthin i would've never expected of him.
but things be good.
we still can clcik really well.
hopin we'l be bunk mates in ns.
i really am.
miss chilling out wit him.
ad the rest.
tim,dudley,giant,kev li,kev kwok,ken yeo.
they all seem like such a distant passin now.

i dunno why.
but i really haf a bad impression of clubbers.
as in the really frequent ones.
like those if dun club or go to a party at least fortnightl will die tad kind.
i guess its sumthin to do with my upbringin la.
i really cant stand the thought of pple under the influence of alcohols and losin control of emselves.
i love clubbin as much as the next person.
prob more den the next person cuz i dun get many chances to go club.
but i really cant stand clubbers tad go one night,
blow a coupla hundred bucks in an effort to get high.
and aft tad wake up findin tad dey did sumthim stupid last nite.
i often ask gals who go club tis question "do you remember wad you did last nite?or is it all a blur?"
and more often den not,
the gal replies"no lehz..not really"
its no surprise considerin the amount of pure you've indulged in at the expense of guys.
and guys always go there wit fat wallets n come back wit wallets tad look like they've been passed thru the slim ten pill treatment wit the side effects still active.
i dun see the thrill in uyin 8-15 bucks shots wen you can buy a bottle of pure fer a bout 60-120 bucks,mix it to even more concentrated den you get in the club,
get yourself truly high instead of those half assed drinks tad you buy in an effort n cant even make it cuz its so diluted PLUS you "GOTTA" buy drinks fer your female frens.
ask mi why i dun like goin to clubs with gals.
i really go to clubs to dance.
i dun buy more den a coupla of drinks.
n by coupla i mean i can count the no on my finger.
i dun see the point in losin so much of your conscious mind tad you cant even remember wad happened the nite before.
if you're gonna spend sum major dough,
you mite as well make sure you remember wad happened rite?
like if you see this fine gal n you dance wit her,
you're gonna wanna remember how she looked like n the way she danced insteada this blank spot and the knowledge tad "HEY.i danced wit a hot chick last nite" only.
im done.
pple change.
time really has this forgone effect.
im done.

19 yrs.

havin screwed my math paper 2 to a form beyond recognition,
i decided to be creative n write a short song.

19 yrs have come to pass,
on this road tad is my last,
my heart yearns fer you alone.
all my wrongs,can i atone,

been waitin so long fer you now,
waitin to hear i do from you,
waitin to hold you in my arms....
im still waitin....

(verse 2)
everyday before i close my eyes,
tink of you n visualise,
wishin you were here by my side,
you eyes will be my light..



gal why cant you see,
you belong to me,
in my arms,
i'll keep you warm,
how long do you wanna drag it on...
juz how long....cuz while you were tinkin...


lesson learnt.
if you cant do math paper,
fully utilize your time by writin aimless songs.
tad way.
at least you'll have sumthin to blog about later.
math paper was screwed,
my stats are screwed,
hopefull i'll still pass overall tho im highly doubtful.
chem paper 3 was pretty decent.
next up g.p.
im hopin to get my A grade back again.
at least the report sheet'll look better.
hate studyin.

serene:heh.been a long time since we last talked.:)
heh.n its not like i got a choice.
whether i want to or not i gotta stick it thru man.its 3 yrs.:)
maybe thing's 'll be easier wen i get to uni.:)

Friday, September 09, 2005

its funny

its funny how life turns me upside down,
whether i'm wearin a smile or a frown,
with worries stacked inside of my head,
they pile up wit the fury of an undead.
juz wen i tink nuttin more can be worse,
i find there's still another verse,
another line delivered terse,
another burden laden upon an overworked back,
wonderin if tis'll be the straw tad breaks my neck.
stress piles up from an uphill source,
gravity pullin em down like molasses up to my jaw,
surprises pile up one by one,
wad exceptions?bar none.

.........nose slowly drops below the surface,
furiously kick to free up my face,
take a deep breath,hold it down,
pulled below till you can summon enuf strength to move up again.
gulp in another breath of air,
before it pulls you down again.....

vivid pictures painted in your mind,
yet not all that hard to define,
relate to or identify,
inevitable in singapore.

originlly things were flowin pretty well.
til ym stupid sista hadta start talkin to me n interupt my rhythm plus tryta cheer mi up.
so thus my "morbid" poem cant be completed.
at least to my satisfaction.
after like the half the 1st stanza everythin not nice alr.
all her fault.

life sucks.
i hate studyin.
i wanna quite school n play WOW fer a living.

i wanna get the ipod photo.
i figure i shall write a letter in to ipod n see if i can trade in my ipod fer an ipod photo.


uncanny how sum things happen over n over again,
things'll prob end up the same way once again,
lesson tad shouldve been learnt been shelved up against the wall with the rest,
wad's more impt is a temporal alleviation of stress.
its happened more den once before,
this time wunt be any different.

i wanna watch a movie tad's been showin in the US during april but has only made it to our shores last week.
i wanna watch a movie tad is a remake of a 60's classic.
i wanna watch a funny movie.
wanna watch a movie with violence n sports.
wad do i wanna watch??

scroll down fer answer.

i wanna watch....LONGEST YARD!!!!

Sunday, September 04, 2005


Biomechanical Electronic Neohuman Justified for Assassination, Mathematics and Immediate Nullification


"Love Song For No One"
Staying home alone on a Friday
Flat on the floor looking back
On old love
Or lack thereof
After all the crushes are faded
And all my wishful thinking was wrong
I'm jadedI hate it

I'm tired of being alone
So hurry up and get here
So tired of being alone
So hurry up and get here

Searching all my days just to find you
I'm not sure who I'm looking forI'll know it
When I see you
Until then, I'll hide in my bedroom
Staying up all night just to write
A love song for no one

I'm tired of being alone
So hurry up and get here
So tired of being alone
So hurry up and get here

I could have met you in a sandbox
I could have passed you on the sidewalk
Could I have missed my chance
And watched you walk away?

I'm tired of being alone
So hurry up and get here
So tired of being alone
So hurry up and get here
You'll be so good
You'll be so good for me

think i'll ever reach the stage where i can write such a nice song witout anyone in mind.
tad's talent man.
old songs.
got muz of my old com songs back in my ipod.*grinz*
listen to all my old schol songs.
but john mayer is THE man.
i guess the grammy means sumthin.
love song writen fer sum1 witout havin the person in mind.
it really is harder den it sounds.

hmmm.its been a long time

its been a long time..(long time)
since i left you..(left you)
witout a domain to step to..(step to)

its a wonder why tad lil riff from the late aliyah sticks in my mind even after yrs.
it really has a funky beat.

time passes quickly like the changin of tides,
time passes like the slow movin molasses from height,
each from one's own perspective,
which one works fer you?

God's fair in all he puts us thru,
lil comprehension on our part of wad we see n do,
yet we seem to willingly acknowledge the presence of the Holy one,
in respect of the divine power held in his arms.

by faith we're lil soldiers marchin forth,
by faith we believe in the best till its lost.
lil wonder thru the perils we face,
we rarely stick on unless forced.

here i sit on a wooden stool,
in the heat wit juz consumed food.
i begin to tink n wonder wad e hell im doin here,
forsaken job of studyin juz followin the peers.

i dun like to study,
well tad's a fact,
e only person tad wants to,
muz definitely be mad.

i wanna play soccer,hockey,basketball,
i wanna run away,far far away from it all,
i wanna take flight,to soar into the skies above,
to seek solace,in the One above.

to find nirvana,
n this forsaken plane,
existence seems meaningless,
yet so filled wit pain.

how can sumthin tad matters so little,
yet cause so much harm?
how can sumthin so be insignificant,
yet influence everythin tad you become.

now i shall end wit qoutes form the book of truth,
"everythin is meaninless",
the truth is said,
we believe in the eternal,
but wad to say if eternal exists.


mindless rambling.
sick of havin to study.

Friday, September 02, 2005

lallaa.its all over.

the pics are still here if ya'll bother to go take a look.
but now things are finally over.
the funny thing is.
im still gettin ignormous headaches.
which basically piss mi of.
cuz i dun see why im still stressed.
i shouldnt be as stressed as i was like juz before teacher's day but i still am.
i guess the prelims really is this bigass subconscious load on my mind.
gotta study study study.
gettin really frustrated.
if you know howta study,
why the hell are you still failin?
im like in tad stasis zone now..grrr.

n like after the performance.
lke everyone's sayin:"ben...popular alr la...famous now..."
all tad kinda stuff.
t aint true.
before n aft its still the same.
nuttin's changed.
im still the same crazy person rite?
n no.
nobody's asked fer my no. and i aint got any ew admirers.
so thus.
relax ppls.
go study fer math test kkz?
hate math.:@

Thursday, September 01, 2005


my pics are all messed up.
bloggerbot muz be laggin.:@
oh wellz.

Your #1 Match: INFP

The Idealist
You are creative with a great imagination, living in your own inner world.Open minded and accepting, you strive for harmony in your important relationships.It takes a long time for people to get to know you. You are hesitant to let people get close.But once you care for someone, you do everything you can to help them grow and develop.
You would make an excellent writer, psychologist, or artist.

Your #2 Match: INTP

The Thinker
You are analytical and logical - and on a quest to learn everything you can.Smart and complex, you always love a new intellectual challenge.Your biggest pet peeve is people who slow you down with trivial chit chat.A quiet maverick, you tend to ignore rules and authority whenever you feel like it.
You would make an excellent mathematician, programmer, or professor.

Your #3 Match: ENFP

The Inspirer
You love being around people, and you are deeply committed to your friends.You are also unconventional, irreverant, and unimpressed by authority and rules.Incredibly perceptive, you can usually sense if someone has hidden motives.You use lots of colorful language and expressions. You're qutie the storyteller!
You would make an excellent entrepreneur, politician, or journalist.

under blogthings.
there's a really funny one tad says "Di** name generator.*
fer curiousity,
mine's called "curious george."
tad;s juz a sad name

when i point the mike your way ya'll GO "GO!" Posted by Picasa



ya'll go look at the pics from the bottom up aight.
imma lil happy so i decided to bother to change the color of my words.
teacher's day performance's one tad i'll never forget.
the instant we hit the stage n started singin to the end was one big high tad i really up to now can still relive.
its really like the time we won talentnite.
tad kinda unforgettable high.
totally outta control,
beyond my wildest expectations.
we all arrived in school at 645 tad day wearin the same stuff,
t shirt n black pants,
den we all started mass tunin our guits to one standard,
den we hit the speakers to start runnin thru the songs,
den we got shoved off the stage by the band.
den the anxious waitin n waitin fer the band to finish their item.
den the show started
the band played their one song,
den it was keon's turn.
and durin tad time,
all the bands startin movin the equipment on stage.
cuz you juz cant trust the stage hands wit your stuff.
other instrumentalists'll know wad i mean.
den it was nervous waitin as the sudden panic ensued cuz outta sudden the P.A said NO BASS AMP.
and everyone's like "WADDAHALLL"
den the finally resolved it wit seconds to spare wit a DI.
which stands fer Direct Input fer those of you who dunno.
at least tad's wad i tink.
so the curtains open n fahdils' band starts the crowd goin by singin a slow song den wake mi up.
tad kinda set the mood.
den next was my turn alr.
me,matt n ivan stepped out to a pretty loud cheer fer sum weird reason.
if i recall correctly,
the emcess said sumthin like "no strangers to us"
den wen the curtains opened it was like "WAHH!H!H!H!H!H!"
so yeahz.
tad by itself made my stomach flip.
still does to be honest.
its juz did.
den we plugged in
and started off wit you're beautiful by james blunt.:)
wen ivan played the intro n matt started the guit line,
ANOTHER ROAR came from the crowd and i was like...okie ben..relax..relax..
den i zao xia.
but never mind.
i made it look natural.
about half a semitone la.
but to mi it was like such a dischordant sound i nearly flinched.
den the song went on pretty well.
next we brought out hafiz n haziq,
our two Hs in HBIHM.
which was our band name.
it stood fer "horny boys into happy men"
so they came out.
i bourhgt out THAT GREEN SHAKER.
n finally,
we did tad song fer real.
are you gonna be my girl.
it was awesome fun.
except fer the part where i went "i said..are you gonna be my gal" n outta sudden the A03,4 classes went "NO!"
and i was like kanakarbok.
but it was fun..
yea man.
den we finished tad song..
den the curtains closed.
out came the finale act.
all the other band members waited anxiously in the wings,
and den...
johnny be good came on.
and man.
tad was the penultimate act of the whole performance already.
it got to the point during the solo where i tried to do sumthin ive never done before.
i tried interactin wit the crowd.
cuz durin the chorus of the song,
there's a point where there's a pause where an echo could be put inside.
so i decided wad e hell.
so durin tad pause,
i told the crowd i'll point the mike at em.
and everytime i point the mike at em they muz shout "GO!"
so it went like "go.....(GO!!!!) go johnny go go go..(GO!!!)
tad kinda.
i tel yo.
the 1st time they went go.
i nearyl dropped the mike.
here i was pointin tpo the students n crossin my toes.
n outta sudden the teachers went GO!
and i was like WHOA!.
tad's the cuase fer my smile n haziq's in the photo below.
and the chorus went on.
and then..
the last act.
wen that chorus ended,
out secret act finally came out.
and den the wings became a flurry of activity as the dancers cum ex performers all came out n did a synchroed ah go go dance tad was choreographed barely 12 hours before by yours truly.
my goodness.
the instant i finished my words n the 1st dancer came out,
it went wild i tell you.
one big uncontrolled roar from the crowd n the whole audience was lit up wit smiles.
tad was awesome.
the curtain call fer my performance life in pjc could have been any better.
at least i tink so.
but it was still awesome.
i still get goosebumps over it.
view the pics from the bottom up yeah?
sorry bout the mess.
but was takin too darn long.
it was awesome.
happy teacher's day to all teacher.

imma go get the full video from the photography club n mr riduan.
and if i do.
ill holla here.
those intersted can come to mi if ya'll wanna see.:)

its all bout him:) HAHAHAHAHA Posted by Picasa


BOUNCE Posted by Picasa

you put your right leg in and you shake it all about Posted by Picasa

you put your left leg in and you shake it all about Posted by Picasa

tad's me crackin up in joy Posted by Picasa

shakin it shakin it Posted by Picasa

spell it: AH, GO,Go Posted by Picasa

oh yeah man.see tad smile?its wen you got a good crowd.:) hear the crowd go ?GO!? Posted by Picasa

its all him man.ITS HIS SOLO! Posted by Picasa

we gonna rock your world.juz wait Posted by Picasa

our wondeful emcess Posted by Picasa

you gonne be my girl??? Posted by Picasa

my gorgeous precious,gleamin wit new green strings Posted by Picasa

youre my beautiful Posted by Picasa

strokin the crowd Posted by Picasa

Fahdil's band gets it on Posted by Picasa

warnin.loadsa pics.i.e=load time = madness (page 1)

gonna load up a whole loada photos before i start bloggin.
so you ppla can happily wait n downld the pics one by one.hurrhurr.:)

all this be the jammin on sunday.combined jammin fer all three bands

Image hosted by
back in the rock n roll baby.
Image hosted by
wen boredom takes over.........
Image hosted by
me tinkin i can drum.

the crazy mat drumer.
Image hosted by
guitarists hard at work.
Image hosted by
the dancin begins.
Image hosted by
the group together

the casualty of war.:( my guit string

thus endeth the pre performance photos.
there are loads more but im gonna go to performance day to save time.

gonna start a new entry cuz there seems to be a max no of pics to be loaded per entry.:@