Saturday, May 20, 2006

1.5 weeks to POP.

field camp's gone,
so's range.
im left wit 2 more critical junctures in my NS life before block leave arrives n i hafta await my posting.
i really hope i get into command sch but it doesnt look promising.
i cant do my chin ups.
and tad's sumthin tad takes time to train.
its the 20th.
i POP on the 6th of june.
10 days black leave to try to pass.
i haf approx 25 days to get my pull ups to 9 to get a silver fer my IPPT.
surprisingly nuf,
i managed to survive my run.
and made a silver timing.
to all you pple out there,
runnin';s like no kick,
but i'l haf you know,
tis is the guy tad trained fer 2 weeks before his napfa test and still didnt manage to pass at a time of 1230 and in the end hadta pakat wit his frens to make sure he didnt go into ns 2 months early.
so yea.
wen i took the test yest,
i was really glad to see tad i manage to hit 11:39 or 40.
one of em.
either way.
im really proud of myself n really happy.
i did 53 situps,
but i was really pissed regardin my stupid jump n shuttle run.
my shuttle degraded from 8.7 to 9.7!!!!
1 whole ridiculous second!!!
and my jump.
no more basketbal n now i only jumpin arnd 240.
wad happened to my 256!!!!:@:@:@:@:@:@@
ruddy hell.

this week was really relaxed tho.
we had imt fer the 1st few days,
and range on wed n thurs.
im really sad cuz i missed my marksman by 1 lousy shot,
but yea.
27/32 aint all tad bad considerin i had 2 I.As.
one of which was durin snap target.
oh well.
wad else.
nothing much i guess.
next week's IPPT and Sit test.
hope my weekend doesnt get blown.
oh wellz.
shall go chill n wait fer qi's call den i shall bath n go town.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

guard duty n field camp.

field camp's over.
it was a really good field camp i guess.
i survived it.
mohawk field camp.
thru the illnesses tad plagued me n all,
i made it thru.
a total of 190+ mohawk recruits went fer field camp.
a total of 130+ mohawk recruits passed field camp.
i was one of em.
go figure.
the route march to the last campsite alone in CAT 2(which means heat alert)
we lost a total of 48 pple.
the sweltering heat really killed alot of good guys.

i shall blog more about field camp wen i haf the time.
but yea.
upon return,
i found out i was "lucky" enough to be selected fer guard duty.
on sat.
which means a 24 hour posting.
which basically meant,
in a rare holiday where i could've had spent 2 nights at home,
i spend everynight in camp.
so yea.
it really bugged me like hell but yea.
aft talkin to mummy n qi..
things didnt seem so bad aft all.
it actually turned out to be quite the learnin experience.
suffice to say i went in sated.
i spent time wit qi n mummy n jie n all so it was aight.
also saw ken yeo from maris wen i sent her to fysh n co fer her fren's bdae dinner.
stuff enough to make me feel aight.

guard duty was not physically tiring as i was orderly.
but it was mentally taxin.
the regulard guards, i.e prowlers n sentries, work 2 hours n have 4 hours break aft.
i stayed up the entire 24 hours.
and yea.
comin immediately aft field camp,
which basically meant tad i slept about 5 hours a day fer the past week in a mosquito infested jungle,
meentally taxing.
prob gonna haf a fever really soon.
was really tiring la.
i gotta go sleep now.
i tink im sproutin nonsense now.
gotta book back in by 1950 today.
sucks dunnit.

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Monday, May 01, 2006

so dark the disconsolation of man.

stolen line from da vinci code n adapted to my own emotions.

field camp looms in the near future.
my flu still hasnt gone.
and im determined it shall not affect me.
sometimes i wonder if my ipod has a brain.
it seems to know my moods.
times where im sad n wanna be lifted up,
bouncy songs stream into my ear.
wen im sad and wanna be malecholy,
it sends lonesome n painful songs of recollection n dealin wit emotions,
wen im high a contant cascade of bouncy clubby songs hit me wit extra bass.

this mornin however.
it was the 2nd.

i find myself being really too much of an idealist.
but now i begin to understand someone else's pain a lot more.
someone from my past.
why the tears n the bitter emotions.
now i finally get it.

bein an idealist opens up many doors fer disappointment.
i was extremely disappointed wit my army life till i sounded out wit my bunk mates.
tad's juz one of the many.

but nuf wit the sidetrackin.
suffice to say within me is alot of pain.
alot of disappointment.
and yea.
lessons learnt.
but yea.
never again.

love is sumthin tad can never be given n should never be given too easily.
it should never be taken fer granted but should be treasured.
things tad are there miten be there ferever.

i gif up la.
im juz not in the mood to swing words.
i cant properly express myself witout naming names.
and since i cant.
i shall not express myself then.
wad a ridiculous situation pls.