Thursday, April 17, 2008


tis been quite a while since i last sat down like this to juz reorder my thoughts.

and i guess its a lil overdue.

so much has happened in the past few months i guess its juz been a rush for me.

school starts in 2 weeks time and im faced with a step up or fuck off test of my ability to burn the candle at 3 ends to get everything i want in my idealistic nature.
something tells me i'll rather burn myself out before even admitting defeat in even 1 aspect, but i guess tads still to be said,despite all bravado, its gonna be fuckin hard and i juz hafta hunker down and find some hidden strength.2 years aint tad long isit?ns passed in the same amount of time.

fish steps onto tekong in 2 months time.and the shitty thing is that since he's gonna be confined for 14 days,tad means for the 1st time in about 5?6? years, i'll be celebrating my bdae without one of the closest persons in my life.a typical army term comes to mind and it screams."lan lan"

work's been bouncing along decently i guess.whilst i havent been really tested yet,im still learning the ropes and doing my best imitation of a wooden pole at all meetings,sucking in as much as possible.and listening to my big boss today, i juz have this to say.

studies is about dealing with numbers. real life business is about dealing with pple.

and hmm.
i dun know if you guys listen to radio in the mornings,
but i have this morning routine which is aft i log into my computer,i turn on my laptop to the radio.
and i cant remember if it was this morning or yest,
but they were asking if love was an investment.
and asking pple to comment on it.

now me being the boring old fart tad i am, listened and laffed at pples opinions,
cuz as usual,the ego within has the "PERFECT" answer.

and in my "humble" opinion,

any rship is an investment.

and investment of the things tad once given cannot be regained.

to wad things am i speaking about?

the most vaulable commodity given to all men.everyone has an equal share,everyone cant change its flow and ebb. and its simply spelled, time. time with which you can be doing something else,time with thich you mite wanna invest elsewhere,but choose to invest in your only one.
emotions.i believe that everyone has this emo vessel within em.and yes while it refills and is technically never truly empty,i choose to believe tad everytime you're giving of yourself into a rship,its a unique part of yourself tad you can NEVER be able to replicate'll always have some to give.this vessel should technically never be empty, but your willingness to dip into might be tested sometimes.and i believe its from here tad your commitment to the rship begins.and similarly(sp), this investment tad you make goes into tad persons emo vessel,which means in the ideal rship,you're constantly fillin each others least i think so.

/raise eyebrows.

okie i shall stop emoing and go play game for a while before i sleep.
its been a long long day.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

random thoughts +_+

i was on my way back from tuition,
and a thought struck me while flipping thru the pages of debt of honor.

a really sensible person once told me,
"life is hard enuf as it is without being unhappy,
why bother about being unhappy about things you cant change,
i juz dismiss it"

now true as it may be,
i realise i do that a lot.
now part of me proclaims this as foolish,
whilst another part of me puts it down to the eternal albeit low profile optimist in me that its not always as it seems and there's a way to change it after all.

and its only a matter of how much you want it,
and not so much so of can it be done.

having spent the past 3-4 years of my life in the workin world,
i daresay ive seen a whole shitload of pple who would settle for less juz cuz the exact thing they want would require them to put in a whole lot more effort.

so hence its not so much so of "cannot"

but whether they wanted it or not.

i remember an incident in ns,
where a regular's ass was on the line.
since i was a few steps below him,
mine was as well,
but he didnt see to flurried,
he was like "CANNOT LA CANNOT LA"
but he didnt seem to be lookin for a way outta it.
i suggested a few unorthodox ways to get things done,
but he refused em outright.

now im a rather opinionated person,
and when i think im right,
i dun really care wtf you think,or wad you might think of it,
i would/wouldnt just do it.

so events turned well this time,
i eventually went behind and got it done with no lashbacks wadsoever from the ave that a sought,

and suffice to say his ass and mine were safe.

but once again,
brings me back to the point of whether you want it badly enuf or thought.

just my lil 2 cents today before i head off to chill.

1)everything is achieveable.its juz a matter of whether you want it badly enuf not.

2)it may require sacrifices for you to get exactly wad do you to decide.

3)prioritise and see wad's impt to you. especially in the long run. you arent gonna think the way you do right now 5 years later.think 5 years later.


oh wellz.
reading time.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Wednesday, April 02, 2008


bedroom toys
Powered By Vibrating Toy

dam juz imagine its in US bucks.
Dam i pwn.

wonder if there's a million bucks per hour thing.
tad one really cock shrink.


for the record,
the average is 270 bucks per hour.