Friday, September 22, 2006


heh.its been like forever since i came here to speak my mind.
heh.been too distracted wit wow i swear.
air force has been good to me i guess.
swear im gettin fat man.
a basic day would start at 530,
have us doin 5 bx plus a 2.4-3.2km run,
followed by breakfast n den back to bunk to sleep till about 730 before you wake up n do are cleanin n den get ready for lessons.
the lessons are muzly mentally taxing.
stayin awake's a major problem man.
the exams come at you fast n furious,
i have one next week once i book in again.
roughly in a single week we have a bout 3-4 exams,
all extremely important n wit OOC potential.
(OOC-out o course,i.e you fail n wait 3 more months to redo everythin again.)

muz days we end at bout 530-6 less those days we haf exms where we take the exams till about 8 plus.
den we usually head to the gym to round off the day before heading to air force one mess to enjoy a beer n sing karaoke.

sounds like good life huh??
not really.
countin i dun drink beer which is the only liqour there,
i'm not much of a karoke person,
im usually too shacked to hit the gym tho i make sure i play soccer everyday,
basically,the studyin can kill pls.:@:@:@:@
i dun mind physical.
physical = good.


yea.i suscribe to tad ideal.
pain is welcome.hahaha
considering at the end of course we hafta run 10k at about less den 5 min per k,
im guessin its only natural i gotta start buildin up now.

life is good.
got another 4 k run tml at safti again.
oh wells.
SAF's gota whole loadsa runs.
annoyin i swear.

hey to nat,est n D.:))