Tuesday, March 20, 2007

joke of the day

juz remembered this joke wen i came abck from my uncle's COA installation parade

ah beng was in america and he went to the bank with 200SGD and asked fer US bucks.
he got back 90USD and was grumbling away at the exchange rate.
he then wentt out and realised he had not anought money and hadta go back too the bank again.
so the next day he went back to the bank wit 200SGD and asked fer US bucks.
this time,he only got back 85USD.
den ah beng was dam tulan alr so he asked the cashier "EH WHY LIKE TAD.YOU TRYIN TO CHEAT ME ISIT."
the cashier den replied "fluctuations" and pressed fer the next person in line.
den ah beng was dam pissed off den wen he left the bank he shouted bank "FLUC you americans too!"


Sunday, March 18, 2007

ponders n jokes

its been a dam long while since i last blogged so yea.:)
its about time.
im currently sittin on a lean back chair in my ops room mannin it during the lunch break hours where everyone goes off to sleep.:P

i've realised sumthin recently about asians.
its this thing called image.
i dunno isit cuz of my dealins with pple from other races,
but i realise asians are extremely particular about how they are viewed by others.
im not say that others arent,but asian chinese especially..
like they need to feel like they are frens n liked by everyone,
will do things that they dun like/hafta make a huge effort juz to be in that person's good books.
which doesnt make alot of sense to me unless that person has umthin to offer you.
tke it as im calculative or what,but i juz think that sumtimes one juz needs to be honest wit oneself to achieve alot more.

i look at couple non asian chinese frens of mine n they totally dun care about pple that they dun wanna care about.
the rules are there to be abided but now becomes subjects of.
if they like you,they gonna chat with you,take time to chillout with you,generally show interest to you.
on the other hand,if they dun have any particular thing to do with you,they wunt really other at all.
which will not happen fer us cuz we have the mentaility that we hafta please everybody.
i tink its sumthin to do with the fact that we always think of pple as business contacts.
like we muz alwayts maintain good relations cuz we never know when sum1 will be of value to us and all that kinda nonsense.
but the hassle about it sumtimes givers me pause as to the overall feasibility of it..
i dunno.
but as off late i figure im gettin more n more heck care about the things/pple that ive always cared about as a matter of mentality as now i feel like ive been foolish all that while.
frenships are nice.
but i tink brotherhoods rule.
on hindsight.
i tink i did th right thing in being in an all boys school all my life.
sure i may be hopeless at understanding girls n communicating to em.
but i'll take 1 close knit og brothers over 1 huge grp of normals frens.
tou know wad i mean?
like brothers that'll on your" eh $%@!# . kin. go out pls."
they'll reply "^*$%&%$& dun wan la.go where.NO MONIES "
or " huh.okie lo.do wad"
but eventually the reply = "wad time where.confirm den tell me"
simple communication n minimal hassle = good time out there enjoyin each others company.:)

oh wells.
anough pondering for today.
used up my aily allocation of brain cells there alr.
juz food for your thought.
take it back n digest.

life's been good today.
since my S3 is on leave.
today = slack day.
i have done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING except come into office,update the BN strength n duty list for today,
and then sit down to read SAF forums.
SAF forums = jokes + WoW stuff.
but ive juz about exhausted the jokes pages.
read too dam fast i swear.
its like 100 pages n ive done abouu 70 since last thurs wen i found out about it.:(

weekend was good.
sat was STOMP THE YARD DAY!!!!!!
with fysh n mudkip.
extremely good time out wit em please.
watchin fysh drool over his crush n mudkip naggin us about school work-_-
fun fun fun.:)
felt dam good to get outta the house n juz go out to relax.:)
WoW gets you stressed sumtimes too.:P
who's mudkip?
i have a picture that'll explain all but its currently on hold status while i see if she upholds her bargain.:P
if she doesn den you'll see sumthin akin to nightmare vale photo on fysh's blog.
mudkipmudkipmudkip loloolo.:P

on a totally seperate page.
i finally got the trophy fer soccer alr, and i won 2nd in the SAFSA hockey tourney.:P
scored 7/9 of the team's goals so im feelin poretty good.
flip side is that my knee is kinda screwed and still is kinda screwed.
hruts like hell.
the circle is gold.:P
1st fer soccer in the RSAF compition.:P

check it out n drool over MADE IN CHINA trophies.:P
new additions to the ones gatherin dust in my cupboard.:P

last but not least.
my 3 jokes fer today.:)

ah beng joke number 1.

ah beng bought himself a brand new nissan skyline and went to ZHNG it until swee den den took it to ah lian to show off.

ab:Eh check out my new car.sibei swee can.it goes so fast even faster den ma ta qia
al:wah really ar?
ab:really.it go so fast you macham like racing like tad.sibei song one wen you tak the you.
al:eh you let me try can???
ab:okay lo.you wait i go straight road.
on the straight road ah beng lets ah lian take the wheel.
ah lian puts the car in gear,slams the accelerator to the floow n promptly the car zooms backwards n slams into a lamp post.
ah beng freaks outs n SPRINTS OVER screamin " SIAO CHAR BOR WAD DID YOU DO?AN ZHUA YOU GO BACKWARD!!!!!!"
ah lian den sheepishly replies"but i tot the r = racing wad."

ah lian calls ah beng up 1 day
al:eh beng ah.come n help me lehz.i got this jigsaw puzzle very hard to do lehz.
ab:huh.where got hard.juz mix n match the edges can alr wad.
al:i know lehz.but it ver hard can come help me?
ab:hiaz.wad kinda picture so cheem one
al:sum pic of a boy eatin sumthin loz.
ab:aiyah okay la limbei come n help.
so ah beng drives over to the ah lians house n ah lian lets him in n shows him the puzzle.
ah beng turns arnd on her n tells her
"eh siao ah.put the cornflakes back in the box can?"

and for the more politically astute.

1 day the pope n queen e were on this balcony lookin at the crowds below.
the queen said"i bet with 1 wave of myhand i can make all the nglish below us scream wild n wave madly back at me"
the pop doesnt agree n take the queen up.
the queen den proceeds to gently wave at the crowd n ture enough,the entire street of english start cheering madly,waving frantically n basically doin everythin but go beserk.
the pope stares in disbelief.
den he tells the queen"double or nothing.i bet witha nod of my head,i can make all the irish cheer madly fer a whole WEEK"
the queen thinkin its impossible takes him up.
the pope den leans close to the queen n nods his head,in the processin headbuttin the queen to the floor.

wow time.:)

Saturday, March 10, 2007


lets start of by dispellin the 1st myth of today.
there is no such thing as "healthy pain"
i refer to the aches that come aft healthy exercise.
had a SAFSA hockey tourney yest.
outta shape wunt begin to cover it.:(
i juz learnt a new level of pain with regards to sore muscles.
and my knee is bent outta shape so much so wen i roll over in sleep i bite off a scream of pain cuz i can literally feel my joints grating.:(
pain pain pain.
but it was worth it as i won a silver medal.:P
this comin from a team that nearly didnt field cuz we didnt haf enuf players.
the average age of our team was 38.lol.
agains all 20+s from Guards,Navy n the other divisions.
all my team were warrant officers.all dam outta form.left me n this OCT to run arnd the entire pitch.
by the end of the 1st game i was so winded i was twisted in half.-_-
boh kui pls.:(

i would show you the trophy but since my sister happily took both the digital cameras in the house.i cant.

juz got back from watchin 300 with fysh.
who drags me outta the house away from the com nowadays.lol.
cuz i refuse to do anithin but focus on gettin my axe in WoW.
its a pretty sweet show.:)

but i still wanna watch the will smith show.
anyone wanna accompany please?:)

im gonna go back to gaming.
cya next post wen im emo.:P