Sunday, November 30, 2008


i just finished reading 2 books in a rare slow sunday for me.

lyin on my bed aching from the 3 hours of bball together with itunes on shuffle,
its been pretty sweet.

speaking of which, iphone.=D
shall be mine at the end of this xmas or by new yr.
having used the iphone for a decent amount of time,
i can tell you im totally sold on its concept.
i might've had doubts but i doubt no more.

the reason for this blog post was cuza line i read in the books.

now im not much into the usual romance/day to day life kinda books.
those of you who know me know im normally buried in a thriller or a war novel,
something with high paced action.

however since i went to the library with my sister,
she picked me 2 books.
which i read..after my 2 thrillers.=D

the 2 books are "Train Man", and "the X'mas Factor".

now i dunno if anyone else has read those books before,
not exactly the most masculine of books,
but there was a line in the X'mas Factor tad really stood out to me.

a brief summary of both books before i get to the line.

In the "Train Man", we have this guy, who is a netizen, basically a no life geek who trolls online forums everyday,talkin about cows tad moo and chickens tad cluck.
and one day on the train, he has a rage fit brought about by this drunkard and becomes a "hero" to the passengers on the train.and when they go make a police report, he passes his address out to the other pple who were witnesses, and a girl sends him cups and a "thank you" note. What follows is basically the development of a typical love story, punctuated by extremely funny netizens posts and graphics tad even had the cynical me laughing.he den blows his savings, and in the end, when he comes clean with the girl tad he has been getting advice online, the girl den says to him "i see that you've been trying really hard".

"X'mas Factor " basically is a blonde book, and has a whole stream of whacky factors coming together to form a situation tad is usually untenable, but by the spirit of X'mas, bonds everyone toget and xmas still is a smiley one.

now the line tad got me thinking abit..

was from the X'mas Factor.

it goes thus :

"i may be a prize berk, but there's one thing i know Nick,old mate. Better to regret things you've done, than regret things you haven't. Get what i mean?"

i just thought i'll share tad line with you guys.

cuz it really helped me along a little.

i guess i regret alot in the past year..
but than again..
regretting tad i did too much..
is better than regretting i didnt do enough i guess.

oh wellz.
20/20 hindsight never makes one feel better.

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