Saturday, November 22, 2008

passing it on.

every exam day follows the same routine...
i reach home early on fri nite..
take out my books and sit and stare blankly at them.
i then read story books, play com games till i feel a lil better.
den i look at my books.
and den repeat.
den at about 10 i'll go mentally "WTF CCB GG SIT YO ASS DOWN AND STUDY"
and den i'll open my books,flip to a random page,
and den start playing computer again.

and before i know it.
its already midnight.
and i go "fuck this.go sleep first.i'll wake up early tmr to study before dance"
i'll den set my alarm clock at about 7,8 and den wake up on time.
and somehow i'll convince myself tad i need a good breakfast before studying.
so i'll drive out for breakfast, and then by the time i come back,
its time for a shower and going down for dance prac or school.
and then i'll head down to school early and den "study"
wad normally happens then is that i'll read abit,
jot down notes a bit.
and den start chuggin down coffee and try to stay awake.
invariably i'll den find myself taking 30 mins naps in the study lounge as my brain completely shuts down.

today i set a new record.
i slept a total of 3 and a half hours.
and i took a total of 6 x double espressos.
and i still slept.
which doesnt bode well for the lack of effect coffee is having on me.
i tink i needta switch to tea soon.

in any case.
all went well and my exam was quite the breeze.
i should be able to maintain my A average.

so in this case,
i'm passing this on,
i mean something good happened to me,
so i shall write a happier post.
and hence why the song of the day is switched to something a lil more lifely.

its still a lil emo,
but most of all....

its my favourite yellowcard song.
i love this song with a ridiculous amount of passion.
it brings me back to my jc days,
where screaming yellowcard music in my room with the headphones on was like the coolest thing for a lil emo kid in the grooming.=D

so this is the song of the day.

cigarette by yellowcard.=D

this song is dedicated to the pple in my life who are still happily attached.
reminding them to always give their all to each other.=)
for the idealist in me still believes this truth.

there is no obstacle that love, and 2 pple working together, cannot overcome.

i love the lyrics.

love and cherish the special person in your life aight.=D
if you both believe and truly cherish each other.

its NEVER EVER too late.


Watching the days burning out like a cigarette, just a few drags to go
You built me up and you broke me down somehow
Everything just seemed so clear to me, nothing left to know
I'll love you right and I'll love you pure, right now

How can you say, that it's too late
To save us now

And I would wait for you (oh), if you would wait for me (yeah)
And I will wait for you (oh), if you will wait for me (yeah)

Intoxicated the edge is serrated, so easily torn from the core
I blushed the first time that you blushed the last time my eyes hit your mind
Regenerated these feelings of hatred, I long for your love evermore
You built me up and you broke me down this time

And I would wait for you (oh), if you would wait for me (yeah)
And I will wait for you (oh), if you will wait for me (yeah)
How can you say, that it's too late
To save us now

How can you say


this song was the song that first came to mind.
on the sunday after we broke up.
and i wanted so much to sing this to her.
hoping tad it would change her mind.
but i guess i should've known better.

oh wellz.

its really really beautiful.

and upon hindsight i guess wad i said is true.

love is something meant for two.
and if 1 person ever believes that its too late for something to happen.

den i guess something else negative will happen instead.

amazing lyrics.

in case you pple havent realised,
purple is a color im reserving for lyrics/words tad i wish i could've said/sung to her.
but hum chee boy i guess.


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